Have a Happy Week

So you had a less than ideal weekend. You dropped your phone, lost a shoe at the beach, and locked your keys in your car. How do you even go into work Monday and, with a smile on your face? FORGET ABOUT IT.


Well, don’t let your weekend of horror ruin your whole week. Monday morning while you’re in the shower or brushing your teeth, think of three good things that happened EACH DAY. These things can be small, for example a delicious cup of coffee, time spent with a family member, you washed your sheets (clean sheets, the best feeling ever). I do this daily and when I have mac & cheese and hot dogs (no judging) it is always on my list. Small, simple and effective. Also, don’t let yourself think of the negative things that happened.

When you are walking up to your job, take a deep breath and think of something that you enjoy in your office. Maybe it’s your swivel chair, that one coworker that always smiles at you in the morning or who knows, maybe the complimentary coffee is the best part of your day!

Finally, smile. Smile to yourself, the first person you see and anyone who looks your way; a sincere smile. Soon enough, you will start to feel better.

Look at the small things, smile and think positive thoughts.

Why not do it now – list three things that were happy yesterday. I’ll do it too.

  1. I ate sushi at my favorite restaurant.
  2. My cat Alice has a new favorite cloth bag and it’s adorable to watch her play with it.
  3. I spent a while scrolling through funny Vine videos before bed.

The phone app Happier is a great way to do this as well. It encourages you to take note of three happy things from your day.

Happiness is a choice, so choose positive reactions and thoughts.

Happier App


2 thoughts on “Have a Happy Week

  1. Love this. Xo

    1. Thanks Sara =) Hope you are doing well!

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