Mantra Monday

I am safe. I am loved.

We all feel vulnerable from time to time. Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual it is a tough feeling to break through. Reminding yourself that you are safe is important. If you lose your job, if you end a relationship, if you lose sight of your beliefs, you will survive. You are safe. Remember to lean into your support system and that no matter what faith you belong to, you can find support in community, prayer and faith.

You are loved. In addition to being safe, you are loved. Reminding yourself of people who care about you is important. Not just listing them, really think about how they show their special type of love; respect, help, listening, support…

Maslow’s hierarchy or needs start with the physiological, you know, food, water, sleep… but after that is safety and then love. These are basic human needs and sometimes we lose sight of the. So always remind yourself… You are Safe. You are Loved.

Use this mantra when you are feeling nervous or anxious.
Take a long breath in and say/think to yourself I AM SAFE.
Release a long breath while saying/thinking I AM LOVED.


By the end of this post you’ll be happier, hopefully .

So here’s the thing, I wanted to post about acceptance today but then a friend shared this video with me and it’s much more pressing.

You may have seen it already but I don’t care, watch it again! Then do what they say!

Here’s the skinny: People who express gratitude in person or over the phone are 19% happier overall! People who think about why they are grateful for the people in their life are 4% happier. Either way, this speaks to my personal mantra think happy, be happy. It’s not hard, just tell people why you appreciate them!

Here, I’ll help you get started:

Who has had the biggest positive impact in your life?
Were they an inspiration or did they willingly help you?
What was it?
How has it affected you?
Why do you appreciate them?

Now go! Go to them, call them, tell the people you love why they are important to you!

And, if you feel so inclined, I’d love for you to share something you love about someone below.

Power of Positivity


Affirmations, positive statements that essentially project what you want in life. They are something you repeat multiple times daily, causing the universe to hear you which leads to a deep feeling of belief on a subconscious level. 

They shouldn’t be complicated and don’t need to be about something far off in the distance either, it can be happening right now! Also, keep in mind your affirmations should only include positive words. For example: I am my ideal weight VS I am losing weight. 

Recently I attended an hour-long cycling class. I haven’t gone running in roughly a year and was concerned my endurance would be low. I went in with the thought “I haven’t done this in a while, I won’t be able to do the whole class full speed, I can sit down, just keep moving my legs” but then the class started and I changed my tune. “I can do this. I’m strong!” Sure I was tired, but I kept telling myself “I can do this, I’m strong. Don’t give up.” And guess what! I did it, the whole class. If I had continued to repeat “It’s ok, I’m new, they don’t expect much from me.” I wouldn’t have pushed my self, and wouldn’t have had so much fun.

List of Affirmations I use & love:
My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way
I am in control on my life
My mind is calm and clear
I radiate love and happiness
Everything is getting better every day

What are you favorite affirmations? 

This leads me to the fun part! Jewelry =) Specifically, Shop Compliments jewelry.


Shop Compliment is a company that literally will shine light into your day. They make beautiful jewelry that is delivered with a customizable compliment. I have given these pieces as gifts with compliments such as “You’re Beautiful” and even as simple as “Happy Birthday.” Just imagine the positivity that can come from wearing a piece of jewelry that constantly reminds you of what people love about you! 


These items are totems that keep positive affirmations about yourself nearby. They’re a great way to support a friend or loved one.

Check the jewelry out HERE
Check out Melissa’s Story HERE

And guess what! Any time you decide to buy from Shop Compliment, you can use the code CHRISTINE for $5 off. The best part? It’s not a one time only discount! 

I want to hear your stories! What experience was made better for you through the power of positivity? And don’t forget to share your favorite affirmations! Comment below!

Have a Happy Week

So you had a less than ideal weekend. You dropped your phone, lost a shoe at the beach, and locked your keys in your car. How do you even go into work Monday and, with a smile on your face? FORGET ABOUT IT.


Well, don’t let your weekend of horror ruin your whole week. Monday morning while you’re in the shower or brushing your teeth, think of three good things that happened EACH DAY. These things can be small, for example a delicious cup of coffee, time spent with a family member, you washed your sheets (clean sheets, the best feeling ever). I do this daily and when I have mac & cheese and hot dogs (no judging) it is always on my list. Small, simple and effective. Also, don’t let yourself think of the negative things that happened.

When you are walking up to your job, take a deep breath and think of something that you enjoy in your office. Maybe it’s your swivel chair, that one coworker that always smiles at you in the morning or who knows, maybe the complimentary coffee is the best part of your day!

Finally, smile. Smile to yourself, the first person you see and anyone who looks your way; a sincere smile. Soon enough, you will start to feel better.

Look at the small things, smile and think positive thoughts.

Why not do it now – list three things that were happy yesterday. I’ll do it too.

  1. I ate sushi at my favorite restaurant.
  2. My cat Alice has a new favorite cloth bag and it’s adorable to watch her play with it.
  3. I spent a while scrolling through funny Vine videos before bed.

The phone app Happier is a great way to do this as well. It encourages you to take note of three happy things from your day.

Happiness is a choice, so choose positive reactions and thoughts.

Happier App