Peace is Every Step

When things aren’t going the way I want or I need, even if a train is running really slow on the way to work, before I get frustrated I (try to) remind myself that I’m going at that pace for a reason. Either to avoid something or to experience something, whatever it is, I know there is a reason.

A Quick Story
Recently I went on a less than 48 hour trip and flew a red eye home. I decided last minute to take a cab because I was afraid I’d either get lost taking the subways or just fall asleep and miss my stop altogether. Either way when the cab driver got close to my apartment, I said what I always say “Alright, thank you, it’s at the end of the street on the right.” So what does he do? Stops the car, right then, at the wrong end of the street. I wasn’t upset or surprised, just kind of thought to myself “oh ok now I get to walk the block in the humidity with luggage.”

I tipped him 25%. I was feeling very tippy that morning; and he actually sincerely thanked me. I didn’t even know drivers could see the amount immediately when paying with a card – either way it made up for any resistance I had towards walking down the block. And in reality, my legs really needed the walk.

And then, on top of a pleasant drive home, a sincere moment of gratitude and finally being back in my neighborhood I saw a book on a stoop. (In NYC people leave things on their stoops for other people to take.) Most of the time you just walk past – it’s never anything good but that morning it was exactly what I needed. Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life. Written by World-renowned Zen master, spiritual leader, and author Thich Nhat Hanh. UM HELLO! The universe essentially hit me in the head with it. I am so glad the cab driver hadn’t stopped at my door but instead dropped me to the lap this book was sitting in.

Think about the way I came into finding this book, it can only be defined at serendipitous.

  1. I had to have gone on that trip
  2. Returned that morning
  3. Flewn the redeye
  4. Opted for a cab rather than subway
  5. Then the driver had to stop at the wrong house
  6. AND I didn’t correct him

The stoop it was on is not the the direction I ever go, not for work, the subway, restaurants, shopping… only to the park. or a very delicious, specific ice cream place (hey Ample Hills!) If all of those things had not lined up, someone else would have picked up the book I have fallen in love with and was so excited to find.

What good have you find without looking?


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