Mantra Monday

I am safe. I am loved.

We all feel vulnerable from time to time. Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual it is a tough feeling to break through. Reminding yourself that you are safe is important. If you lose your job, if you end a relationship, if you lose sight of your beliefs, you will survive. You are safe. Remember to lean into your support system and that no matter what faith you belong to, you can find support in community, prayer and faith.

You are loved. In addition to being safe, you are loved. Reminding yourself of people who care about you is important. Not just listing them, really think about how they show their special type of love; respect, help, listening, support…

Maslow’s hierarchy or needs start with the physiological, you know, food, water, sleep… but after that is safety and then love. These are basic human needs and sometimes we lose sight of the. So always remind yourself… You are Safe. You are Loved.

Use this mantra when you are feeling nervous or anxious.
Take a long breath in and say/think to yourself I AM SAFE.
Release a long breath while saying/thinking I AM LOVED.


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