International Day of Happiness

It’s Friday
It’s the first day of Spring
It’s International Day of Happiness

This is the biggest day of the year for me! In honor of all of this positive energy going around I want to share some of my favorite ways increase positive attitudes. These are in no particular order.

Have a Great Day (Playlist, Spotify)
If you’re on Spotify, check out this playlist. I love it and it really will help you to have a great day. All of the song are fun and you’ll know most of them.

TED Talks (Charming Talks for a Boost on a Bad Day)
People seem to be pushing against Happiness day. IDK but people refuse to be happy sometimes. Here are 5 TED Talks to boost you out of those grumpy pants.


Gabby Bernstein (Inspiration)
One of my personal role models & inspirations in life. Everything she does is wonderful. Follow her on Instagram, try her Meditations, read her Books. I recommend all of it!

Kid President (Video Pep Talk)
ALWAYS a great pick-me-up. This kid is seriously inspiring! Seriously, if you haven’t already, or really even if you have, just take 4 minutes from your day and watch (or just listen) this 9 year old kid kick butt.

“We are all on the same team.” Something I say a lot, I don’t think people understand this still.

Happier (App & Website)
Happier was started by a woman with a seriously impressive background. She had achieved everything she thought she wanted and realized it’s experiences that matter. The App is a happiness journal where you keep track of things that make you happier every day, even as small as having a bathroom break when you’re a teacher and really had to pee.
Read about the science here.
Download the app on your phone or via their website.


Happiness Project (Book & Podcast)
This book is perfect for anyone. Not all of the topics may apply to you but there is great information for everyone. Don’t think that just because you’re a guy this book doesn’t apply to you. The Happiness Project synthesizes the wisdom of the ages with current scientific research, as Rubin brings readers along on her year to greater happiness.
I love listening to her podcasts on the train in the morning. A great way to add happiness to the day.
Here’s Gretchen site.

Bliss List (Book)
Discover your true Bliss & land your dream job with this book. Don’t check out their website, it’s not the best & put me off in the beginning but I ordered it via Amazon & love it!

Happiness is… (Book)
This happy little book contains 500 things to be happy about. It’s a great coffee table or bathroom book and a really great gift.


@SunshineSpreader (Instagram) 
Personal promo here. This is my Instagram account =) I post happy things here.


By the end of this post you’ll be happier, hopefully .

So here’s the thing, I wanted to post about acceptance today but then a friend shared this video with me and it’s much more pressing.

You may have seen it already but I don’t care, watch it again! Then do what they say!

Here’s the skinny: People who express gratitude in person or over the phone are 19% happier overall! People who think about why they are grateful for the people in their life are 4% happier. Either way, this speaks to my personal mantra think happy, be happy. It’s not hard, just tell people why you appreciate them!

Here, I’ll help you get started:

Who has had the biggest positive impact in your life?
Were they an inspiration or did they willingly help you?
What was it?
How has it affected you?
Why do you appreciate them?

Now go! Go to them, call them, tell the people you love why they are important to you!

And, if you feel so inclined, I’d love for you to share something you love about someone below.

What’s the Difference Between You and Most People?

With all of this “Basic B-” nonsense going around I want to celebrate that fact that we are all individuals and our own person. It’s true! BUT, what makes you an individual? What makes you YOU? P.S. If you love PSLs from Starbucks, we won’t judge you here, they’re delicious and North Face makes a solid jacket.

Take a second to think about this. Don’t be afraid to sound selfish, this question by nature is about you. If you feel comfortable, comment below! I’d LOVE to hear what makes you unique. If you consider what makes you different to be negative, don’t dwell on it – it’s an exercise to help see that we’re all beautiful and have differences. Everyone has things they consider to be bad, which are just the areas that need a little more love.

If you’re finding this difficult think outside of your immediate group of friends and family. Maybe all of your friends are vegan, and so are you. But most people are not. So there’s an answer! Do you paint? Make your own beer? Did you make the choice not to drink alcohol? Not to have children?

I make it a point to never never let frustration in a situation show if chatting with a Customer Service Representative. 


Be Kind


Watching adults sometimes makes me sad. Manners used to be important, but they seem a little scarce these days. The most painful thing to see? Negativity and intolerance! People often respond to a conversation with a negative comment as an attempt to be accepted. You’re an adult, so act like one. Come on, let’s be real.

Here are some observations that can help us be more tolerant.

  1. People typically like people who are nice.
  2. If you have not experienced something, don’t speak poorly of it. Especially to someone who has expressed interest or enjoyment in it.
  3. Negativity often appears rude and close minded.
  4. Negativity is considered to be bad manners and our everyday manners shape how people view us.
  5. As a role model, being negative sets a poor example to anyone watching. People will say “I don’t want to be a role model” but you don’t get to choose who looks up to you.

Life happens though, we have to roll with it. If someone offends you or is close minded don’t take it personally. Other people should not have a negative effect on you. Who knows, maybe your positivity will even rub off on them!

Secret to Happiness


Anyways, now that we got that out of the way. I was watching a TED Talk yesterday and an interesting chart came up that I wanted to share. 25% of work happiness and success comes from knowledge. The rest comes from positivity and performance, happiness and intelligence, optimism levels, social support and ability to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat.

The way the world thinks is if you work harder you will become successful, once you’re successful then you’ll be happy but guess what; once you succeed in one thing, you change your bar of success. If you are stuck in this cycle, you will never be happy.

Seems like a no-brainer to me but it is apparently its big news.  Check out the whole TED Talk below.

Welcome Monday

Monday Monday, how the WORLD hates you. Well, I love you. You are a new week, a new start and a new chance to have a great experience. People always say “ugh, Monday”, “I hate Mondays” or “it feels like Monday”– what a negative way of thinking! Why would you ever want to start a day, or week (or anything really) negatively?behappy

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to see the positives in days like Monday and yes you may have to search for it but there is always something to be happy about! Be open to learning and open to having positive experiences.

Choose to better yourself and see how the universe wants to help you and better your life.

Negativity breeds negativity & positivity breeds positivity. Make the choice to bring happiness in the world; even if it is just a smile or holding open a door for a stranger.

So here is my challenge to you this Monday: Do one thing to better yourself (mentally, professionally, spiritually), do one kind thing to a stranger and be active for a minimum of 10 minutes.