What’s the Difference Between You and Most People?

With all of this “Basic B-” nonsense going around I want to celebrate that fact that we are all individuals and our own person. It’s true! BUT, what makes you an individual? What makes you YOU? P.S. If you love PSLs from Starbucks, we won’t judge you here, they’re delicious and North Face makes a solid jacket.

Take a second to think about this. Don’t be afraid to sound selfish, this question by nature is about you. If you feel comfortable, comment below! I’d LOVE to hear what makes you unique. If you consider what makes you different to be negative, don’t dwell on it – it’s an exercise to help see that we’re all beautiful and have differences. Everyone has things they consider to be bad, which are just the areas that need a little more love.

If you’re finding this difficult think outside of your immediate group of friends and family. Maybe all of your friends are vegan, and so are you. But most people are not. So there’s an answer! Do you paint? Make your own beer? Did you make the choice not to drink alcohol? Not to have children?

I make it a point to never never let frustration in a situation show if chatting with a Customer Service Representative. 



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