House Rule #2: There is No Someday


Hello, November! Only 61 days left in 2014. Crazy right? Did you accomplish what you planned this year?

This has been a long year for me. A year of some serious reflection. A lot of good things happened! Like our recently implimented house rule. There Is No Someday.

(Side note: You’re probably wondering why I’m starting with #2, not #1 – well we have a couple of house rules and the most important (#1) is to Be Curious, Not Jugemental, a quote by Walt Whitman. It’s something Ryan and I have always done and finding a quote that fits so perfectly solidified it as a house rule… and #3 is, you may have guessed it, Keep Choosing Joy.)

I’m sure you do it too. “I’ll clean the kitchen this weekend.” “I’ll start working out in 2014.” “I’ll pick up knitting this fall.” All of these things sound like they have deadlines but in reality they are just as vague and undefined as One Day or Someday… that most likely will come and pass without any action.

We had a lot of Want-Tos and Will-Dos but nothing ever got done!

So, the There is No Someday rule was born. It’s a small change, but an effective one! If there is something you want to do, give it a date. Say it out loud, give yourself a deadline. Even small things, we used to say “Let’s go to the museum this weekend.” then the weekend passed and we never went, for a thousand reasons, but we STILL want to go to the Museum haha.

Let’s go to the Museum this weekend. VS Let’s go to the Museum on Saturday.

I will do _______ on/by _______.

Now, this works for things like cleaning, organizing, a first workout, trying a new art class but if it’s something larger, say, moving or getting certified in something you need to set a schedule as well. Thats a blog for another day though.

There is no one day, no someday. If you want to do something, get it done! Start now, right now.

So, what are you going to do before the year ends?


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