3 Benefits of Perfume You Never Thought Of

In addition to the obvious benefits of wearing perfume, here are three things you may not have known about.


Memories: Scent is the largest trigger of memory. If you’re on a big trip or in a happy time of your life, buy a new perfume. Every time you wear it, you will be reminded of those great times. I have a huge collection of perfume but they all have special meaning and evoke happy memories. This is why many women continue to wear their mother’s signature scent after they have passed.

Aromatherapy: Many scents have relaxation benefits; winter spices, citrus and floral (and other) scents are proven to relax. You may not realize it but wearing certain scents will keep your stress levels low.

Mood Boost: Catching the scent of a pleasant perfume (especially when you are wearing it) is an instant mood booster. Pay attention to different perfumes /scents you wear and see if one keeps you in a better mood throughout the day.


Bell Rock Warrior – Virabhadra’s Pose

Practicing Warrior on Bell Rock

Practicing Warrior on Bell Rock

Hello hello!

Last weekend we went up to Sedona for some yoga/hiking. It is always interesting doing yoga during a hike, especially when your at a higher altitude than you are used to. It really makes you focus your breath. I love the background in this image, I just love Sedona in general though.

Virabhadra’s is the name of a warrior incarnation of Shiva. Described wearing a tiger’s skin with 1000 heads, eyes & feet. Also wielding a thousand clubs. Warrior improves legs muscles, hips strength & placement, back muscles, and shoulders.

“Learning to do the Warrior pose series safely and correctly is a major stepping-stone in your yoga practice”, says Seane Corn, a YogaLife advisor who teaches at Sacred Movement in Santa Monica, California, “because you’ll notice similar movements showing up in thousands of other yoga poses.”

To start this pose, begin in the traditional Downward Facing Dog.

Image from http://yoga.prevention.com

Now inhale while you bring your right foot forward (next to your right hand) as you come into a lunge. Ensure that your toes are in-line with your fingertips (as Alicia’s are below). Pivot on the ball of your left foot and drop your left heel down to touch the earth. Finally exhale while opening both arms and pulling the left hip back.


Bring your hands to hearts center, exhale and reach arms up & back, lifting your rib-cage away from pelvic bones. Keep your palms together and head tilted back slightly.

Hold for about 30 seconds and release. Take a breath and flow through the other side.

Practicing Warrior on Bell Rock
Practicing Warrior on Bell Rock

Once you have completed bend forward to stretch your back.

Image from http://yoga.prevention.com

Where do you do yoga? I’d love to see some images of you practicing yoga in interesting/beautiful places!

Remember to Take Breaks

After going on a hike recently and looking through the pictures, I realized something… People need breaks. Physical breaks, mental breaks, emotional breaks…. just breaks. Yes, this was a picture taken purposefully but as hard as you work and as much as you do for other people, you need to remember to take a break for yourself and just sit.  Now granted, mid-work out is not the ideal time to sit down and think about nothing, but who knows? Maybe it is, and can give you a new perspective on a tough decision that has recently come your way.
Now sit down, even for just a couple of minutes and take a break… meditate! If you are new to meditation, check out this meditation podcast.
One of the things I like to focus on while meditating is the quote “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” What can you do to improve yourself that will inspire or motivate people to improve the world?