3 Benefits of Perfume You Never Thought Of

In addition to the obvious benefits of wearing perfume, here are three things you may not have known about.


Memories: Scent is the largest trigger of memory. If you’re on a big trip or in a happy time of your life, buy a new perfume. Every time you wear it, you will be reminded of those great times. I have a huge collection of perfume but they all have special meaning and evoke happy memories. This is why many women continue to wear their mother’s signature scent after they have passed.

Aromatherapy: Many scents have relaxation benefits; winter spices, citrus and floral (and other) scents are proven to relax. You may not realize it but wearing certain scents will keep your stress levels low.

Mood Boost: Catching the scent of a pleasant perfume (especially when you are wearing it) is an instant mood booster. Pay attention to different perfumes /scents you wear and see if one keeps you in a better mood throughout the day.


1 thought on “3 Benefits of Perfume You Never Thought Of

  1. Perfumes can be entertaining as they change through the day. I love following the development of a complex fragrance.

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