Mantra Monday

I am safe. I am loved.

We all feel vulnerable from time to time. Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual it is a tough feeling to break through. Reminding yourself that you are safe is important. If you lose your job, if you end a relationship, if you lose sight of your beliefs, you will survive. You are safe. Remember to lean into your support system and that no matter what faith you belong to, you can find support in community, prayer and faith.

You are loved. In addition to being safe, you are loved. Reminding yourself of people who care about you is important. Not just listing them, really think about how they show their special type of love; respect, help, listening, support…

Maslow’s hierarchy or needs start with the physiological, you know, food, water, sleep… but after that is safety and then love. These are basic human needs and sometimes we lose sight of the. So always remind yourself… You are Safe. You are Loved.

Use this mantra when you are feeling nervous or anxious.
Take a long breath in and say/think to yourself I AM SAFE.
Release a long breath while saying/thinking I AM LOVED.



8299_10151724145097732_576006781_nThis image is part of lululemons shopper series exploring the yamas and is in stores now!

Over the weekend, I noticed that the mall closest to me opened a lululemon.  Now, I try not to go into lulu if it is not the purpose of my shopping because I just can’t control myself in there. But of course I ended up going in and purchasing pants in less than than 5 minutes. I’m serious, I can’t control it.

Their new bag (always exciting getting a new shopper) is part of a line specifically exploring the yamas. This shopper design is Brahmacharya which  asks us to think twice and listen to what our mind and body needs. It teaches us to pay attention to where we focus our energy. Are we using our time, thoughts and efforts in a useful way or are we wasting precious time?

“In the long run,” says Brad Waites, “brahmacharya is about allocation: using your resources effectively to achieve your aspiration. To hone our practice of this principle, we must learn to conserve and not waste energy on things that do not serve our purpose.”

Being mindful and practicing Brahmacharya will help remove the clutter from your life, mind and not to mention your refrigerator. So I am challenging myself and you to be mindful. Think about what you are currently doing, thinking, worrying about, eating etc. and whether or not it is good for you and your future. So yes, maybe for dinner eat ground turkey or lean chicken rather than an entire meatloaf. What I will try to focus on most is attempting to detox my life of worry. I waste so much to worrying about what could happen.

Crazy to think I bought a pair of pants that I didn’t need causing me to go against this yama but it also lead me to it and to some life improvements. hmm.