6 Tips for Beginning Runners


Get a Good Pair of Shoes
When I first started running I bought a “cute” pair of Sketchers with NO support what-so-ever. Man was that a mistake. Go to a local store and have them look at your stride, arch and weight distribution. They will be able to recommend a great pair of shoes. It is so important.

Do Not Train on a Treadmill
I am so against training for a run on Treadmills. They are for warm-ups in my opinion. It is like running on a trampoline. They give you false hope and once you step foot on the cement or track all of your progress just disappears.

Don’t be Afraid to Break
I personally take a 30 second break every mile I run, well, jog. When I started running I got discouraged when I couldn’t run 2-3 miles straight without wanting to die. So the 30 second break was implemented by my coach and it has seriously helped! e029de539162812b311808472d55653bDon’t be Afraid to be a Jogger
Yes I am a jogger. I jog a 12 minute mile at long distances, and I’m not ashamed. Lace up and hit the street, who cares how fast you are going as long as you are going.

Map My RunUse an App
MapMyRun, Nike Run and RunTracker are all great apps to track your trails, miles and pace. This is important to stay accountable and always be improving. I also use 8Tracks for my music app.

Please don’t underestimate how much water you need.  Take more than you think and then some.

And remember! JUST KEEP GOING.


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