Just think – rope swings, cargo nets and uphill climbs. Now think about the worlds largest water slide, foam pits and inflatable wrecking balls above a pool… Sounds like the most ridiculous 5k EVER right?! Right. Well, that’s what the ROC race 5k has to offer.

I HIGHLY recommend doing this 5k. There were walkers and runner the whole way, it is not a competitive run by any means but it sure was fun. I will do this run every year!

Pros: The best (and most ridiculous) obstacles I have ever completed. Foam. Water. 5k. More foam. More water. Even MORE foam at the step & repeat at the end for photos. There was a staircase to run up that had Eye of The Tiger playing with a life size Rocky cut out at the top. The run course went through a stadium, which was fun! The obstacles were very evenly The pros seriously outweigh the cons but here they are…

Cons: Not all obstacles that advertised water, had water. Monkey bars are hard.
There weren’t showers post run and although it’s just foam, it’s still nice to rinse off before changing. There weren’t any photographers (that I saw) other than at two obstacles.

Check it out here!


ROC Race 2013
ROC Race 2013

6 Tips for Beginning Runners


Get a Good Pair of Shoes
When I first started running I bought a “cute” pair of Sketchers with NO support what-so-ever. Man was that a mistake. Go to a local store and have them look at your stride, arch and weight distribution. They will be able to recommend a great pair of shoes. It is so important.

Do Not Train on a Treadmill
I am so against training for a run on Treadmills. They are for warm-ups in my opinion. It is like running on a trampoline. They give you false hope and once you step foot on the cement or track all of your progress just disappears.

Don’t be Afraid to Break
I personally take a 30 second break every mile I run, well, jog. When I started running I got discouraged when I couldn’t run 2-3 miles straight without wanting to die. So the 30 second break was implemented by my coach and it has seriously helped! e029de539162812b311808472d55653bDon’t be Afraid to be a Jogger
Yes I am a jogger. I jog a 12 minute mile at long distances, and I’m not ashamed. Lace up and hit the street, who cares how fast you are going as long as you are going.

Map My RunUse an App
MapMyRun, Nike Run and RunTracker are all great apps to track your trails, miles and pace. This is important to stay accountable and always be improving. I also use 8Tracks for my music app.

Please don’t underestimate how much water you need.  Take more than you think and then some.

And remember! JUST KEEP GOING.

Benefits of Exercise

Lets make it quick – here are some quotes and an info-graphic on the benefits of working out!

“We found that people who are more physically active have more pleasant-activated feelings than people who are less active, and we also found that people have more pleasant-activated feelings on days when they are more physically active than usual,” study researcher Amanda Hyde, a kinesiology graduate student at Penn State, said.

“Exercise raises your heart rate and triggers a surge of hormonal changes. Expose yourself to this ‘stress’ enough and your body builds up immunity to it. Eventually, it will get better at handling the rest of life’s stressors,” says clinical psychologist Jasper Smits, Ph.D., coauthor of Exercise for Mood and Anxiety.

“When researchers blocked endorphins from runners’ brains, some still said their mood improved after their workout,” says John Ratey, M.D., author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Dr. Ratey says, “is like Miracle-Gro for your brain.”

“Our results suggest that not only are there chronic benefits of physical activity, but there are discrete benefits as well,” Hyde said in the statement. “Doing more exercise than you typically do can give you a burst of pleasant-activated feelings. So today, if you want a boost, go do some moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise.”

Nike Fuel Band

So here’s the deal. Working an 8-5 day can have negative effects on your body. And for runners, well, for me at least, it gets droll and I just can’t help but get antsy by noon.

So what do I do about it?

I don’t sit still! I don’t mean I move around in my chair all day and annoy co-workers but get up and get active! I did a post about the cubicle-50, which I still do everyday and will continue doing. But! It’s not enough, so here is another one of my tricks to add some activity to your day!

Nike FuelBand – 

Fuel Band
Image from

Nike Fuel Band 

“The Nike+ FuelBand uses a sports-tested accelerometer to measure your movement in NikeFuel, a universal metric of activity. Decide how active you want to be by setting a daily NikeFuel goal. Then, get moving and see your progress along the way. Sync with the Nike+ FuelBand app and see your activity history, stay motivated, and connect with your friends.” – Nike website

The Fuelband measures fuel, calories burned, steps and tells you the time. Mine is White Ice =) It’s my motivation bracelet.

The first week I wore my fuelband to work I noticed I was only gaining about 200 fuel points sitting at my desk in a 9 hour day when my goal was 2000 (I set it low, knowing I’d be at work and not knowing how quickly fuel points ad up).

It was frustrating because it just emphasized how little I did during the day, even though I am active at night. What I started to do was notice the every day things that would become my “at work gym.” I give myself goals and checkpoints now: Every 50 fuel points (and every time I have to get up) I’ll go take a lap around the building, walk up & down three flights of stairs and yes, I’ll go into the bathroom, lock the door behind me and do 20-50 jumping jacks.

No, this isn’t going to make me lose the weight I want by bikini season, but it is that extra step every day to keep me active and my heart rate up.

There is so much more to this band, like setting running goals, activities, games and social missions. LEARN MORE HERE.

I love my Fuelband.

Stay Active.

Help! Running Team Name Needed!

After looking back at this past year, (which I am now referring to a The Year of Running) and the year to come. I have decided to start a running group. This way, I can sign up for runs and just send out an info email to the group to get it started, rather than scrambling at the last minute trying to keep everyone together. BUT I need YOUR HELP! I cannot come up with a name that I feel is creative, fun, appropriate and that describes running all at the same time.

So, this is where you come in… I would love to hear your suggestions =) But please, keep them clean!

If your team name wins, I’ll send you the group shirt and some of my favorite running goodies!

Here are the rules:
1. No profanities
2. Must not be gender specific
3. Cannot be already used
4. Cannot be region specific
5. Cannot be negative in any way or towards anyone
6. Cannot be distance specific (5k, 10k, marathon…)

Ready, Set, GO!

Mud Run


Dirty Girl Mud Run

These are just a few of the obstacles in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, Phoenix. For more images click here. I HIGHLY recommend if you have the opportunity to do a mud run, take it! It  is a great bonding experience and just all around fun time.


There is music the WHOLE way! It makes the run a lot of fun and your energy up.
The obstacles are spread evenly.
There is a place to hose off and change into clean clothes at the park before you go home.
They take your muddy running shoes, clean them professionally and donate them to women around the world.
The Run benefits The American Cancer Society – a great awareness group that does a lot of good work and research!
Spectators can get very close to the obstacles, which means you can get GREAT pictures.
There were two water stations with a good amount of water – not a tiny dixi cup.


I didn’t see many professional photographers taking pictures at the obstacles.
The obstacles were different then the advertised obstacles.

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Obstacles – check out “Just Keep Going” for more pictures!

Fall & Winter Plans

Living in Scottsdale, AZ you get used to not having traditional seasons. This year I am going to take full advantage of living so close to some seriously gorgeous cities in the Winter. Keep an eye out
for some Yoga Bombs along the way!

Apple Annie’s Orchard in Tucson, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Top 6 Corn Mazes in Phoenix, AZ
Attend Luminaria at The Desert Botanical Gardens
Make Life Size Snowmen in Flagstaff, AZ