Our Top 5 Candles for Summer

Um. Yes.
The one I have constantly burning in my kitchen is the Meadow scent. Check ’em out!

Standard Wax

If you think candles are only for the winter months, read on!

We’ve picked our favorite summertime candles for every occasion, from backyard dinner parties to Father’s Day gifts.

Mangosteen & Grapefruit in Clear Signature Glass Jar

1. Mangosteen & Grapefruit in a Clear Signature Glass Jar: Great for burning everyday around the house, this candle is quintessential summer. The container coordinates with just about anything, and the scent takes you straight to a beach lounger with a tropical cocktail in hand. [shop]

Leather & Tobacco in Gunmetal Ceramic Log

2. Leather & Tobacco in a Gunmetal Ceramic Log: Know a dad with some seriously good taste? Our Leather & Tobacco scent is the perfect combination of masculine, rustic and fresh. Plus, the Gunmetal ceramic log will complement any manly décor. [shop]

Olympic Moss in Amber Signature Glass Jar

3. Olympic Moss in an Amber Signature Glass Jar: Olympic Moss is the perfect candle for a backyard dinner party, with its subtle notes and universally pleasing fresh scent. The amber…

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