Set SMART Goals

Hey! YOU. What goals are you working towards right now? How’s it working out? Are you getting anywhere? Well, if not… this could help you! Actually, it’s pretty good information for everyone!
We all have places we want to go, things we want to see and careers we want to have. In other words, we all have goals. The question is, are your goals within reach? Are they SMART goals? The image below is a great way to remind yourself of how to set realistic goals and how to reach them.


Where am I in my life today? Where do I want to be in a month, a year, 5 years? No a five year plan will probably not work out how you want it to… there are too many uncertainties but you can define your wants, dreams and goals and work towards reaching them.
Now think:
In 30 days I want__________
In 60 days I will___________
In 90 days I have __________
What goal will you be working towards? Something in your personal life? Or your professional life?

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