Excellent Energy

So, a while ago I had my aura and palm read. While I was there I picked up some crystals. This article will be more about the crystals but I really suggest getting an aura reading. It was really interesting and actually quite helpful. You have to be open while doing that type of reading though, don’t waste your time and money if you aren’t willing to hear it out.


Anyways! Back to the crystals. Each one has specific energy and benefits. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to believe in the healing and aiding benefits of these beautiful rocks to buy them or even for them to work – you could simply be someone who is looking to have more patience and can pick up a moonstone to keep in your purse or pocket as a reminder in times of frustration. Or you could be stressed out and need a token to remind you to chill out! Go pick up a piece of green Calcite to keep nearby.

Picking out your crystals is fun! Read their benefits and choose the ones you feel like you consciously need THEN just look to see which ones you are drawn to, your subconscious may be telling you something!

Do you keep crystals or tokens near by? If so, which ones?

The stones in the picture above –
Center: Clear Quartz – Clears Chakras, encourages clarity, stimulates immune system, clarity and balance, helps connect to your higher self.
Top Center: Unakite – Stone of partnership, promotes harmony in all relationships, helps manifesting, helps with making wise decisions, clears blockages from the past
Right Top: Lemon Chrysoprase – Universal Abundance, helps with acceptance of birth rights of prosperity, joy and health, strength to face difficult decisions, compassion, forgiveness, helps release fear, overcome feelings of separation
Right Middle: Crysoprase – Compassion, attracts love, prosperity, joy, remain centered in your heart, courage to face difficult situations, supports general health
Right Lower: Moonstone – New beginnings, stone of high priestess, enhances intuitive powers, harmony in relationships, balances female hormones, evokes patience and appropriate action, protection for travelers
Bottom Center: Smokey Quartz – Stone of grounding, purifies and protects from negativity, enhances practicality and organization, helps to create and move into a new reality, relieves pain and stress, helps with headaches
Left Lower: Green Calcite – Cleanse body & energy, eases stress, stone for meditation, strengthens immune system, helps with arthritis, helps with ADD
Left Middle: Shattuckite – Self healing, clear communications, feminine empowerment, psychic protection, mediumship and channeling intuition
Left Top: Aquamarine – Stone of courage, sharpens intuition, enhances creativity, aids in verbal expression, provides emotional stability, excellent for meditation, curbs fear, opens throat chakra


1 thought on “Excellent Energy

  1. I think the give-away of the stones is a neato idea! I really enjoy reading your blog

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