New Year’s Resolution… In March

Yes, I am aware it is March. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure out what you want to devote your year to! I tend to stick to my resolutions and I want to make sure it is something that will really benefit my life, not just this year. To me, it’s more of creating a good habit than a resolution.

So what is my 2013 NYR? Grow my food. Now, I live in an apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona so I won’t be able to start a farm or anything but I can definitely start small. Some herbs (mint, oregano, chives) in the kitchen, a strawberry and tomato plant on the porch, some lavender to keep the air fresh and maybe even a hibiscus plant to make some hibiscus, mint tea… OH! And some catnip for Bob & Alice, can’t forget the kitties! lol

I am definitely open to some tips & tricks and I’d love to hear your advice! Thanks in advance =)

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What was your New Year Resolution? Have you stuck with it?


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