We have all heard of the freshman 15 (15lbs everyone gains their first year in school and out of the house), but have you heard of the cubicle 50?

I hadn’t either until just recently. Most likely because I have started working in one within the past two month, I’m feeling sluggish and snooped around the “inter-webs” to find out why. Anyways, it is basically a saying that means when you start working in a cubicle you will eventually gain 50 pounds just from sitting still all day.

Lucky me, I made it through college without gaining the Freshman 15, so I am not about to stand (or sit in this case) for 50 lbs. Although that might just be the answer… stand!

So here is the plan; from now on to prevent this awful amount of extra baggage, every weekday, 3pm is “stand up to sitting down” time. I invite you to join me in doing:

-50 squats-

-30 lunges-

-Montain Pose-

-Yoga Mudra Pose-

-Half Moon Pose-

Get your heart pumping, blood flowing and burn a few calories after lunch has digested. Say “No!” to the cubicle 50.



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