Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Soup Recipe

This is my first winter outside of Sunny California and even Sunnier Arizona. AND I just got back to NYC from a wonderful New Years Eve in the Bahamas, so you can imagine my worry when the weather forecast is 15 BELOW zero tonight with wind chill. Yeah. Can I just teleport from the office to my cozy bed? Where’s The Doctor when you need him?

Since teleportation technology is not yet a thing (maybe at CES 2016) I’ll warm up a traditional way, food! More specifically, SOUP! This soup can be vegan or meat filled. It just depends on if you want to include the meatballs. Let me tell you, it results in one happy tummy.


The recipe is originally from True Foods Cook Book but I’ve edited it to my taste. I’d love to know what you think! Also, what’s your favorite recipe for cold nights? I’m going to need more!



Find the Recipe Card Template Here


WHY We Eat The Rainbow

The saying goes “You are what you eat.” Well, then why would you eat anything other than beautiful food? Natural beauty that is, not man made or processed beauty.

What is the most beautiful natural option you ask? A rainbow is my answer.


This image is taken with the fruits & veggies I had in my refrigerator. It includes red potatoes, red, orange and yellow bell pepper, a peach, sweet potato, banana, fuji apple, avocado, plumb, and a red onion.  And water.

Red fruits and veggies –
Red foods contain lycopene. It helps clear your body of free radicals, protects against prostate cancer, as well as heart and lung disease. They also have tons of antioxidants which can help keep heart disease away by preventing blood clots and may also delay the aging of cells in the body.

Orange fruits and veggies –
Orange and Yellow foods are loaded with alpha carotene, which is known to help protects against cancer, but also contain beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. This protects your skin against free-radical damage. Beta-carotene is also good for night vision.

Green fruits and veggies-
Green foods contain chemicals that help ward off cancer by inhibiting carcinogens. Chlorophyll is the component that makes a plant green, and is purifying in the body. Many green foods also contain calcium and minerals.

Blue & Purple
Blue and purple fruits contain the compound anthocyanin’s that not only give food their color but also have been shown to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and increasing heart health.

And Water
I wanted to write something about rainbows coming from rain, which is made by water…. But that’s a silly connection. SO just drink more water, ok?

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