Welcome Monday

Monday Monday, how the WORLD hates you. Well, I love you. You are a new week, a new start and a new chance to have a great experience. People always say “ugh, Monday”, “I hate Mondays” or “it feels like Monday”– what a negative way of thinking! Why would you ever want to start a day, or week (or anything really) negatively?behappy

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to see the positives in days like Monday and yes you may have to search for it but there is always something to be happy about! Be open to learning and open to having positive experiences.

Choose to better yourself and see how the universe wants to help you and better your life.

Negativity breeds negativity & positivity breeds positivity. Make the choice to bring happiness in the world; even if it is just a smile or holding open a door for a stranger.

So here is my challenge to you this Monday: Do one thing to better yourself (mentally, professionally, spiritually), do one kind thing to a stranger and be active for a minimum of 10 minutes.