House Rule #2: There is No Someday


Hello, November! Only 61 days left in 2014. Crazy right? Did you accomplish what you planned this year?

This has been a long year for me. A year of some serious reflection. A lot of good things happened! Like our recently implimented house rule. There Is No Someday.

(Side note: You’re probably wondering why I’m starting with #2, not #1 – well we have a couple of house rules and the most important (#1) is to Be Curious, Not Jugemental, a quote by Walt Whitman. It’s something Ryan and I have always done and finding a quote that fits so perfectly solidified it as a house rule… and #3 is, you may have guessed it, Keep Choosing Joy.)

I’m sure you do it too. “I’ll clean the kitchen this weekend.” “I’ll start working out in 2014.” “I’ll pick up knitting this fall.” All of these things sound like they have deadlines but in reality they are just as vague and undefined as One Day or Someday… that most likely will come and pass without any action.

We had a lot of Want-Tos and Will-Dos but nothing ever got done!

So, the There is No Someday rule was born. It’s a small change, but an effective one! If there is something you want to do, give it a date. Say it out loud, give yourself a deadline. Even small things, we used to say “Let’s go to the museum this weekend.” then the weekend passed and we never went, for a thousand reasons, but we STILL want to go to the Museum haha.

Let’s go to the Museum this weekend. VS Let’s go to the Museum on Saturday.

I will do _______ on/by _______.

Now, this works for things like cleaning, organizing, a first workout, trying a new art class but if it’s something larger, say, moving or getting certified in something you need to set a schedule as well. Thats a blog for another day though.

There is no one day, no someday. If you want to do something, get it done! Start now, right now.

So, what are you going to do before the year ends?


What’s the Difference Between You and Most People?

With all of this “Basic B-” nonsense going around I want to celebrate that fact that we are all individuals and our own person. It’s true! BUT, what makes you an individual? What makes you YOU? P.S. If you love PSLs from Starbucks, we won’t judge you here, they’re delicious and North Face makes a solid jacket.

Take a second to think about this. Don’t be afraid to sound selfish, this question by nature is about you. If you feel comfortable, comment below! I’d LOVE to hear what makes you unique. If you consider what makes you different to be negative, don’t dwell on it – it’s an exercise to help see that we’re all beautiful and have differences. Everyone has things they consider to be bad, which are just the areas that need a little more love.

If you’re finding this difficult think outside of your immediate group of friends and family. Maybe all of your friends are vegan, and so are you. But most people are not. So there’s an answer! Do you paint? Make your own beer? Did you make the choice not to drink alcohol? Not to have children?

I make it a point to never never let frustration in a situation show if chatting with a Customer Service Representative. 


Power of Positivity


Affirmations, positive statements that essentially project what you want in life. They are something you repeat multiple times daily, causing the universe to hear you which leads to a deep feeling of belief on a subconscious level. 

They shouldn’t be complicated and don’t need to be about something far off in the distance either, it can be happening right now! Also, keep in mind your affirmations should only include positive words. For example: I am my ideal weight VS I am losing weight. 

Recently I attended an hour-long cycling class. I haven’t gone running in roughly a year and was concerned my endurance would be low. I went in with the thought “I haven’t done this in a while, I won’t be able to do the whole class full speed, I can sit down, just keep moving my legs” but then the class started and I changed my tune. “I can do this. I’m strong!” Sure I was tired, but I kept telling myself “I can do this, I’m strong. Don’t give up.” And guess what! I did it, the whole class. If I had continued to repeat “It’s ok, I’m new, they don’t expect much from me.” I wouldn’t have pushed my self, and wouldn’t have had so much fun.

List of Affirmations I use & love:
My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way
I am in control on my life
My mind is calm and clear
I radiate love and happiness
Everything is getting better every day

What are you favorite affirmations? 

This leads me to the fun part! Jewelry =) Specifically, Shop Compliments jewelry.


Shop Compliment is a company that literally will shine light into your day. They make beautiful jewelry that is delivered with a customizable compliment. I have given these pieces as gifts with compliments such as “You’re Beautiful” and even as simple as “Happy Birthday.” Just imagine the positivity that can come from wearing a piece of jewelry that constantly reminds you of what people love about you! 


These items are totems that keep positive affirmations about yourself nearby. They’re a great way to support a friend or loved one.

Check the jewelry out HERE
Check out Melissa’s Story HERE

And guess what! Any time you decide to buy from Shop Compliment, you can use the code CHRISTINE for $5 off. The best part? It’s not a one time only discount! 

I want to hear your stories! What experience was made better for you through the power of positivity? And don’t forget to share your favorite affirmations! Comment below!

Compassion is Contagious

Picture 2

I want to share with you two of my favorite sayings, instilled in me by my mother. “Compassion is Contagious” and “Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Among other mantras, these two sayings are how I try to live my life.

Compassion – the ability to understand and empathize with the pain of others.

It’s something we all need to work on. Terrible things happen when our compassion runs thin – we blame victims, we become selfish, we influence others to be less compassionate.

Compassion is admired BUT ALSO looked at as weakness. Why would we EVER discourage compassion? I once gave my winter gloves to a homeless woman sitting on a sidewalk, the response from the person I was with? “You’re going to freeze, stop giving away your clothes.” WHAT? I have another pair at home and I could totally stop to buy another pair. This woman needs warmth!

I’m sure you know the saying “A smile is contagious.” A simplified version of the previously stated compassion is contagious. Guess what, it is. Scientifically. It’s engrained in our brains! And we can strengthen it. Don’t believe me?


By simply treating others better and being a nice person, the people you come into contact with will in turn be more positive, nice and compassionate moving forward. If not but for a short amount of time.

You can test this yourself – go to a bakery, bank, cafe, wherever! The first time, approach people with a frown, the people you talk to will reciprocate. Next time, approach with a smile and sunny disposition. You will see an immediate return of kindness. And if not, keep that smile on your face, who knows what that person is going through, they may need your smile that day.

Can I ask one thing of you? Be nice to customer service reps. This is one thing that really gets my goat. I hear someone yelling angrily “I have called X number of times and YOU keep messing it up!” NO. THEY did not personally mess it up. And when you yell, they are less likely to want to help you. Imagine if you were on the other end of that call. How would you react?

Which leads me to my final point, a though I often have, that drives my acts of compassion “What if that were me?”

What if you were the lady sitting in 20 degree weather without gloves?
What if you were the man asking for 50 cents to get on a train?
What if you were the brand new barista that people keep getting frustrated with?
What if you were the mother of that screaming child who needed compassion and understanding, not rudeness, judgement or negativity?

And if you are not someone who believes in “what ifs” then just imagine yourself in that possition. How would you want a stranger to act towards you?

Oh and just for fun, check out Faith in Humanity Restored on Pinterest.


Excellent Energy

So, a while ago I had my aura and palm read. While I was there I picked up some crystals. This article will be more about the crystals but I really suggest getting an aura reading. It was really interesting and actually quite helpful. You have to be open while doing that type of reading though, don’t waste your time and money if you aren’t willing to hear it out.


Anyways! Back to the crystals. Each one has specific energy and benefits. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to believe in the healing and aiding benefits of these beautiful rocks to buy them or even for them to work – you could simply be someone who is looking to have more patience and can pick up a moonstone to keep in your purse or pocket as a reminder in times of frustration. Or you could be stressed out and need a token to remind you to chill out! Go pick up a piece of green Calcite to keep nearby.

Picking out your crystals is fun! Read their benefits and choose the ones you feel like you consciously need THEN just look to see which ones you are drawn to, your subconscious may be telling you something!

Do you keep crystals or tokens near by? If so, which ones?

The stones in the picture above –
Center: Clear Quartz – Clears Chakras, encourages clarity, stimulates immune system, clarity and balance, helps connect to your higher self.
Top Center: Unakite – Stone of partnership, promotes harmony in all relationships, helps manifesting, helps with making wise decisions, clears blockages from the past
Right Top: Lemon Chrysoprase – Universal Abundance, helps with acceptance of birth rights of prosperity, joy and health, strength to face difficult decisions, compassion, forgiveness, helps release fear, overcome feelings of separation
Right Middle: Crysoprase – Compassion, attracts love, prosperity, joy, remain centered in your heart, courage to face difficult situations, supports general health
Right Lower: Moonstone – New beginnings, stone of high priestess, enhances intuitive powers, harmony in relationships, balances female hormones, evokes patience and appropriate action, protection for travelers
Bottom Center: Smokey Quartz – Stone of grounding, purifies and protects from negativity, enhances practicality and organization, helps to create and move into a new reality, relieves pain and stress, helps with headaches
Left Lower: Green Calcite – Cleanse body & energy, eases stress, stone for meditation, strengthens immune system, helps with arthritis, helps with ADD
Left Middle: Shattuckite – Self healing, clear communications, feminine empowerment, psychic protection, mediumship and channeling intuition
Left Top: Aquamarine – Stone of courage, sharpens intuition, enhances creativity, aids in verbal expression, provides emotional stability, excellent for meditation, curbs fear, opens throat chakra

You’ve Gotta Grind

You've gotta grind

Recently I moved to NYC and that means taking the subways. Everyone prepared me with horror stories of homeless defecating on seats, hecklers and a serious lack of personal space but I keep running into the opposite. My experiences on the New York Subway have been remarkably inspiring. One in particular, so great that I want to share it with you.

A man with a young boy, around 9 years old who from the looks of it was headed home from Basket Ball practice. “You’ve gotta grind” he said as the little boy looked up at him. “You’ve gotta grind. Just be constantly working on yourself. Your game is good and when you’re winning you’re happy but your character shows when you’re team’s losing and your attitude gets bad.” The little boy says “yeah but…” And the man replies “I know, it’s frustrating, but you have to have a good attitude or else no one will have you on their team even if you’re the best player out there. You’ve gotta grind. I’m still grinding! Every day I work hard at what I do and on myself. You’ve gotta grind.” That’s when they got off the train…

ARE YOU KIDDING?! Seriously… Even I needed that message, what a lucky little boy to have such a great mentor. I felt lucky just to catch that quick interaction.

We all need a reminder now & again to not only work on what we do but on who we are, in every area of life! Personally, in relationships, at work, on teams and especially when times are tough. After all, at the end of the day we are only left with ourselves.

Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness

Yesterday was MLK Jr. Day and in his honor people and businesses posted motivation quotes by him to social media profiles. I saw some really good ones but the one that really struck a cord and made me stop to think was as follows “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -MLK Jr.

It might only be me but when I read quotes like that one I think “it would be great for the masses to show unconditional love” or “world peace is possible”. In other words, I imagine the quote affecting large groups of people. Not until yesterday did I see that the light to remove darkness has to come from with me. The love to remove hate has to happen within me.

For example; I cannot hate that someone is racist. It only fuels more negativity. Instead I have to shed light on the love people need to have for each other.

Now, I say “me” but mean “us”. If each of us finds the light and love within ourselves it will soon become the masses. As MLK Jr. said; “confidence is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase.” Without knowing how you will affect the community, find what fuels the light within you and share it.

So my task for you today is to join me on this fist step towards a lighter more loving world. Whether it is your religion, practicing the true meaning of Namaste or simply organizing an aspect of your life, take a moment to discover what drives your light and love. By working on ourself, we will become a better group. A greater society.