Jabz Boxing, You Kicked My Butt

Tuesday after work I went to try a new fitness class (and I’m going back today). Jabz Boxing for Women.  What it is, is a (certified Jabz) Trainer designs specific workouts for each day of the week so that clients will be challenged with new, dynamic exercises. Sometimes specific exercises are more challenging than others; Jabz Trainers are there to modify any exercise, making it possible to make all exercises attainable yet challenging for our wide range of clientele.


Pre-workout Tips

  1. Plan in ADVANCE – these classes fill up QUICK! I had to plan two weeks in advance to even be able to sign up for my first class.
  2. You have to sign up online. Go to their site, choose the class you would like to take and schedule it!
  3. Once you get to the gym, Purchase MMA gloves ($30)
  4. Bring water and a towel
  5. Upon arrival, check in at front desk

New members will always be given an orientation on their first class by one of our Certified Jabz Trainers. It seemed overwhelming to me but once you get started it is fun.

The Class

  1. Arrive early. Warm up -10 minutes (they have bike training and jump rope)
  2. Daily Workout Demonstration – 5 minutes (performed by one of our Certified Jabz Trainers)
  3. Jabz Circuit Begins – 30-35 minutes – there are two. Around/inside the ring & weight training
  4. Stretch – 5 minutes (led by Certified Jabz Trainer)

There are stations set up throughout the entire building, around the ring, in the ring and in the back. You rotate the ring twice (the first time working your right side, the second working your left) then switch to the weight training. In between each set you do push-ups or curls, depending on what circuit you’re doing.  The whole time, there are trainers walking around helping you remember what exercise you’re supposed to be doing and showing you where to go.

So how was my experience? Slightly confusing – I feel like it might be best to give you a pros & cons list because that’s how I felt leaving the class.

It is all women
I felt like I was at a trendier version of Curves BUT there were no men to be self-conscious around, so that’s good.

It is a large-ish group workout
I felt like I was getting lost because it was so fast and there were so many women BUT everyone is very nice and eager to help.

You need to purchase gloves
If I decide at the end of the Groupon I don’t like it, I’m stuck with gloves BUT I do feel pretty cool owning boxing gloves, not going to lie.

The level of difficulty
I felt like I was at a warm up level the whole time BUT I used new muscles and there is NO SUCH THING as a waste of time if it involves your health/fitness.

So, do I recommend it? Of course! You should always try something at least once and it was fun!
Information from Jabz website.

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