Just think – rope swings, cargo nets and uphill climbs. Now think about the worlds largest water slide, foam pits and inflatable wrecking balls above a pool… Sounds like the most ridiculous 5k EVER right?! Right. Well, that’s what the ROC race 5k has to offer.

I HIGHLY recommend doing this 5k. There were walkers and runner the whole way, it is not a competitive run by any means but it sure was fun. I will do this run every year!

Pros: The best (and most ridiculous) obstacles I have ever completed. Foam. Water. 5k. More foam. More water. Even MORE foam at the step & repeat at the end for photos. There was a staircase to run up that had Eye of The Tiger playing with a life size Rocky cut out at the top. The run course went through a stadium, which was fun! The obstacles were very evenly The pros seriously outweigh the cons but here they are…

Cons: Not all obstacles that advertised water, had water. Monkey bars are hard.
There weren’t showers post run and although it’s just foam, it’s still nice to rinse off before changing. There weren’t any photographers (that I saw) other than at two obstacles.

Check it out here!


ROC Race 2013
ROC Race 2013

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