The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

A Blogger award nomination =)  A big THANK YOU to Hodgepodge Pilots Wife!Here are the rules:



  • Display the award on your blog
  • Mention/link the people who nominated you
  • Nominate another 15 bloggers who you feel should be given this award
  • Inform them you have nominated them
  • Write 7 facts about yourself

Seven Facts About Me

1. I love living in Arizona. People freak out over the heat but I think it is great! The rest of the year is very mild so a couple of months of heat is OK by me. 2. I get very into new workouts but never really stick to any. My heart is always with yoga & running.
3. I am extremely allergic to my cats but love them so much that I take Zyrtek every day and deal with the mild effects.
4. Every day I write down something I learned. It is typically things about life and how to survive as an adult. Other times its things like being able to WWOF (Willing workers on farms)Through Australia.
5. I am terrible at baking and OK at cooking but wish I could whip up 4 Course Meals on the regular.
6. I graduated with a B.A. in Fashion Marketing in 3 years at 20 years old. I still wish I had gone to get my Masters degree like  planned.
7. I love blogging and if one of my blogs helped someone get inspired I would be ecstatic.

In my wordpress feed there are some seriously great blogs to read – here they are

Standard Wax
Her Happy Balance
Shh….Fit Happens
Design Spell
NYC Fit Food & Fashion
Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities
My Fit Pregnancy
Flux & Flow
Citizens of Fashion
TJ Hoban Fitness
Eco Media
Lateral Love
Lakshmi Loves to Shop
Social Cha Cha

I am honestly not too sure what this award nomination is but I am so excited about it!


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