Sumits Yoga… Go tomorrow!

It’s awesome, I feel so refreshed after a class for the next few days. BUT let’s start from the beginning.

I got a Groupon as a Christmas gift this year to Sumits Yoga studio. Yes, it may be a bit of a strange gift, but I am so thankful that I was somewhat forced into going.

The Breakdown –
Arrive 15 minutes early
Wear clothing you are comfortable sweating in
Bring Water and arrive hydrated
Bring a yoga mat & towel
Don’t eat a large meal before class
Expect the lights to be on and for upbeat music to be played during certain flows

-You need to stay hydrated the entire day before your yoga class, otherwise your body can dehydrate and you may get sick.
-Some Yoga mat towels come with anti-slip pads. I highly recommend YogiToes. They cost more, but it is so worth it. My Lucy towel is anti-slip “when wet.” It folds, slips and distracts me.
-Don’t talk in class, and don’t leave early. If you feel faint or dizzy (it happens to us all) just lay down and reclaim your breath.
-Expect to not necessarily enjoy your first class, it is a totally different yoga experience. Go a handful of times and then form your opinion.


I used to go to yoga regularly at 24 Hour Fitness and always enjoyed it, and once I tried a Bikram class (that I didn’t fully enjoy), but let’s be honest, I haven’t gone to a class in years… SO I was nervous to go to a hot yoga class but excited at the same time.

“Sumits sequence is designed for all levels beginner through advanced” – Yes, so true. One of the best parts is that every time I have gone, there are at least one or two new students, so you are never the only one who feels lost. I still choose to sit out during a flow or two, you should never feel uncomfortable sitting out if you start to feel dizzy.

“Classes at Sumit’s Yoga flow to music through a sequence of both balancing and energizing asanas (poses) in a heated practice environment.” – First, just accept that you will sweat your b*lls off. It is HOT (around 105 degrees). Second, no one cares what you look like, or even looks at you – everyone is too concerned with themselves. Oh, and don’t forget to wear as little clothing as you feel comfortable. I met Sumit one of my first times (He’s awesome BTW), he showed me booty shorts & a sport bra and told me that it was the most appropriate attire, but I still wear my Lulu’s and a tank.  *A flow is a sequence of poses.


Is it weird that I absolutely LOVE how much I sweat in hot yoga? On that note, bring a yoga towel, but if you do not have one, ask at the check in desk, they will let you borrow one.

I hope that this has helped and that you enjoy it as much as I do.


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