Dirty Girl Mud Run

These are just a few of the obstacles in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, Phoenix. For more images click here. I HIGHLY recommend if you have the opportunity to do a mud run, take it! It  is a great bonding experience and just all around fun time.


There is music the WHOLE way! It makes the run a lot of fun and your energy up.
The obstacles are spread evenly.
There is a place to hose off and change into clean clothes at the park before you go home.
They take your muddy running shoes, clean them professionally and donate them to women around the world.
The Run benefits The American Cancer Society – a great awareness group that does a lot of good work and research!
Spectators can get very close to the obstacles, which means you can get GREAT pictures.
There were two water stations with a good amount of water – not a tiny dixi cup.


I didn’t see many professional photographers taking pictures at the obstacles.
The obstacles were different then the advertised obstacles.

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Obstacles – check out “Just Keep Going” for more pictures!


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