This Runners Accessory Drawer

Yes. It is true. My custom Nikes came today. My life may just be complete =)

Do not underestimate a good pair of running shoes. I made that mistake. Go to a Road Runner Sports or something similar to have your running style evaluated and pick out a shoe that is right for your stride and what you will be running on (dirt vs. cement).

In honor of these gorgeous baby blues I’m going to fill you in on all of my favorite running accessories that beginning runners (runners in general I guess) shouldn’t head out without. Ok, so maybe they are not exactly traditional “accessories” but you get the idea. And in all fairness, Jason, who kicked my butt into a runner is the one who told me about most of these.

First, never go without water. You need approximately 4 to 6 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes. Personally, I need 17 ounces for every five miles. My recommendation? This awesome Nathan water bottle. It includes a handle, pocket (big enough for my iPhone 4S, keys, chapstick and gate card), reflective strap and an ID card. You know, incase I pass out from running in the AZ summer heat. It holds 22oz, perfect amount if you ask me and it comes in a ton of colors. $21.99

I never step foot out my front door for a run without a tracker. I like to know my distance and pace for each run. I use Map My Run, the phone app. It uses GPS to map, record and share their exercise routes and workouts in an online database. It’s FREE. Yes, sir.

Team Confehr rocking lulu’s

Next, a GOOD pair of running pants. I know, I know, you may   think the ones you have are fine. But unless they are lululemon Run Inspire cropped leggings, no, they are not good enough. Men, I’m sorry I cannot speak to running pants for you but I’ll assume you need lulu in your life too. Yes, they are pricey but they are awesome, last forever and make your bum look great. $98ish. Unfortunately they are not sold year round, but still go into a store, try some pants on and your life will change!

If you are going the distance (anything farther than 8ish miles) you will need a GU pack, or the like. It took me a while to find one that I can eat without wanting to throw up. The constancy is not my favorite… but I do enjoy GU Chomps ($1.99) and Clif Shot Energy Gel ($.89). The consistency of the Clif Shots are more like pudding so the Mocha and chocolate flavors make me feel like I’m just eating a pudding pak rather than sucking down electrolyte goo.

Fage Yogurt. A great breakfast or snack pre run. It’s sold everywhere. Word to the wise, don’t eat it unless you still have fruit to stir in. Plain Greek yogurt by any brand is too tart by itself, in my opinion. What’s awesome about Fage is the recipes they provide on their website.

A good headband to keep your ears warm and then act as a sweat band once you really get going is always appreciated. Again, sorry fellas, I know they have good looking ear warmers for men, just not specifics! Catherine and I are wearing the same grey headband from lululemon in the image for running pants, but any one will do. Another one I love is the one I am wearing in the Image for the Pumpkin Race. The one we are wearing is the Swiftly headband $14.00. It has silicone on the inside of the headband that really does help keep it in place.

Finally a good playlist. I don’t always run with music but when I do, I use the free app 8 Tracks. “Handcrafted internet radio by people who know and love music, now on the iPhone. With the 8tracks app you’ll get access to hundreds of thousands of mixes in any genre or mood, wherever you want them.”


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