If My Soul Was Planted, What Would It Grow?

Vriksha Asana

Meet Shannen! She is at the Marin Headlands practicing Tree pose.

Tree is a balancing pose. It does not require much muscular strength but does help to strengthen various parts of the body. It strengthens your back, core, ankles, calves and thighs, while flexibility is improved in the hips and groin. This pose also is great for improving concentration and for meditation.

Start in Mountain Pose, or Tadasana.

Exhale, place one foot on the inner thigh of the alternate leg as close to the groin area as possible (toes pointing downward).  Inhale, with your core strong, stretch your arms sideways to form a T with your body, ensuring your palms are facing down. Exhale while brining your palms together into prayer position. Now raise your arms overhead, keeping your palms together in prayer position. To maintain balance, focus your attention on one point in front of you and keep breathing through your belly. 

Something to focus on while in this pose is:

If my soul was planted, what would it grow?


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