Breathe, Laugh, Be Safe!



Meet my sister. Please don’t do yoga in the street like her! It is very dangerous. This image was taken with extreme caution and safety. 

To start this section, I decided to post one of the easiest poses.

Sukhasana (Easy Pose) is a pose for relaxation and Meditation. It helps create inner calmness and straightens the spine & opens the hips when done correctly.

To do Sukhasna sit on the floor, a Yoga Mat or padded blanket. Cross your legs, placing your feet below your knees, keeping in mind that it is helpful to alternate which leg is on top if done regularly. Now place your hands on your knees. Remember to keep your head and body straight and your core strong. 

Meditating is difficult at first and many find it helpful to have a saying or idea to focus on. Here is one of my favorites to focus on while in this pose. Found in The Yoga Deck by Olivia H. Miller. It is…

“I am balanced, calm, and serene.” 

If you are interested in The Yoga Deck, here is the link! I find it very helpful.


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